Independent 2023 Mayoral Candidate For City of Stirling

Elizabeth Re Mayor candidate election City of Stirling.
Elizabeth Re supports the community so support her, vote 1 for City of Stirling mayor 2023.

Vote Elizabeth Re, Mayor candidate election City of Stirling 2023.

Get better representation for all people in the City of Stirling

Voting for a strong experienced local government councilor with years of dedicated community service to the people in the City of Stirling, Elizabeth is the best independent, 2023 election candidate for the mayor for the City of Stirling local goverment elections. Independents have a history of putting the community first and thus are in a real position to maximise benefits for City of Stirling constituent.

If you want service not politics, vote Elizabeth Re for a nonpartisan contender in 2023.

There are many issues facing the City of Stirling community and as your current councillor representative, people have identified several key priorities that they believe require immediate attention. Through your vote for me, Elizabeth Re, I will raise these issues to be addressed.

Herdsman lake wetland environment City of Stirling.

Vote for the Environment

Priority should be given to addressing the issues that are impacting upon our local environment in the City of Stirling. The development approvals have seen the destruction of many trees which has increased the heat island effect in our suburbs that will take at least 30 years to repair. We need to act now. Our waterways and our “bush forever” sites need to be protected for animals, humans, flora and fauna as we are all on this land together.

City of Stirling Crime Security Safety

The City of Stirling has a 24/7/365 security team that not only is there to address your safety needs but also are available for ranger and parking services.
Issues such as building construction and parking need to be conveyed to the City of Stirling to ensure compliance with their development approval.
In emergency situations with fire flooding, drains, etc please contact security, emergency service providers and your insurer for guidance.

Family, Children and Seniors' Activities

The City of Stirling needs to increase affordable and accessible services for families, children and seniors in their local community to improve their health and well-being and especially our mental health.

Working in collaboration with the Western Australian government to improve public transport options and increase bus stops and bus shelters with adequate lighting to ensure a safe, reliable and efficient bus service for seniors, disabled and young families with children.

City of stirling Electoral Boundary Map

Find out if you are in the new Australian Electoral Commission’s redrawn boundary, if you’re on the WA electoral roll you have the right to vote for a candidate in the City of Stirling whether you are a renter or owner of the property.

City of stirling local government boundary map.

In order to achieve my vision and address my key priorities, I have set several specific goals and actions that I plan to take

Organizing community events to promote environmental awareness​

Organizing community events aimed at promoting environmental awareness involves planning interactive workshops, educational talks, and engaging activities. By bringing together residents, these events raise consciousness about ecological issues and encourage sustainable behaviours, contributing to a more environmentally conscious and responsible community for the future.

Partnering with local businesses to create job training programs

Collaborating with local businesses to establish job training initiatives involves designing skill-focused programs that align with industry needs. This partnership enhances employment opportunities, empowers the workforce, and fosters economic growth by equipping individuals with relevant expertise and preparing them for successful careers in the community.

Holding regular town hall meetings to solicit feedback from constituents

Conducting regular town hall meetings entails providing a platform for constituents to voice concerns and suggestions. These gatherings promote transparent communication between officials and the public, ensuring policies and decisions are better informed by community input, thus fostering effective governance and addressing local needs.

Elizabeth Re supporting and volunteering for the City of Stirling community

Join me in creating a better community for the City of Stirling!

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